Best ways to recover from a hard workout session

Very often we got the question what is best to do after training, to reduce the soreness tomorrow brings after a great BJJ training session. It is great to have a full training session, but without proper recover from a workout you can tell days later exactly which muscle you trained. Therefore here are some tips you can include into your training program.


Great that you hit the mat with a good warming-up drill or some sparring routines, but the process after is just as important. By light stretching the muscles will be able to relax, and therefore reduce the amount of adrenaline and prevent blood pooling. Reducing the adrenaline in your blood will make you later at night fall asleep easier.

2 Rehydrate

This sounds obvious, despite of that a lot of people still do not proper hydrate after and during a training session. When you are dehydrated your body gives several warning signs, which most certainly are not very pleasant to endure, like, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, overheating, loss of concentration, muscle fatigue, irritability, muscle cramps. Some expert are claiming that you should rehydrate a factor 1.5 of your lost water. So if you sweated 1 kg you should drink 1,5 kg. However, everyone has another body proposition, so just listening to your body and avoid unpleased situations.

3 Post workout Nutrition

The period directly after training has been coined “the anabolic window” by fitness trainers around the world. This window is around thirty minutes after you finish training. In this time you need to re-fuel your body with glucose, protein as well as vitamins and minerals to begin rebuilding and restoring your body back to normal. Your post training meal is once again personalized to you and your lifestyle but it needs to be included nutrient dense foods, carbs, protein and some good fats. 

4 sleep

After a training session your muscles and mind have to recover and reset for the next day, and this is best to be done by sleep. Most of the recovery happens during the sleeping period, so make sure you get as much as you need. It differs from person to person how long this should take.

5 rest day between workouts

If you are young and full of energy this might not apply to you, but when you get older it might be wise to have a day or two off between hard training sessions. Of course you can come train light, and technique oriented, as long you make sure not to turn op the heat. It can be tough to put on the breaks if you enjoy to spar a lot. A great alternative would be a lighter intensity randori.

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